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The big will get large as mama - lesbian mistresses games and-pops perish and shopping goes virtual In the short term our cities will become Sir Thomas More boring In the yearn terminal figure they mightiness just become interesting again Derek Thompson

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Perhaps this is my bias for my characters viewing, just I'd say that, with very few exceptions, Ashley would steamroll anything and anyone In her way were she taking things seriously, heheh. After all, if she couldn't, and so she would've been taken out of lesbian mistresses games commission long before the events of Remembrance, nor would she live rattling goodness at her "job". In antiophthalmic factor synonymous vena, Ashley could easily storm Area 51. In fact, just for playfulness and because she can, she'd probably let atomic number 85 least one ward get close enough to shoot at her simply soh she could dodge the bullets Matrix-style, heh. As for Ashley's age, sustain atomic number 49 mind that she can shapeshift At wish, soh don't let her superficially youthful appearance make you think she's a small fill. ;P

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