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Jon returns to Winterfell with Daenerys and the Targaryen forces, reuniting with his "half-siblings" Arya and Bran Stark, World Health Organization discovers his true parenthood. After his descent is unconcealed to him past Samwell Tarly, he fights in the Battle of Winterfell, during which the Night King is discomfited and the return of the Long Night is prevented. sex games funny games Afterwards, Jon aids Daenerys In her resumed campaign to submit the Iron Throne and participates atomic number 49 the Battle of King's Landing. However, when Daenerys lays run off to a relinquished King's Landing, Jon attempts, only fails, to keep his men from sack the city. Unable to dissuade Daenerys from this path, a conflicted Jon assassinates her to keep further mass murder, and is taken captive by the Unsullied. Following the Great Council of 305 AC, Bran, World Health Organization is elected atomic number 3 King of the Six Kingdoms, negotiates with the Targaryen allies, and Jon is ultimately transmitted into exile atomic number 3 A compromise, returning to the Night's Watch for regicide.

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